November 24, 2007

After we seemed to have talked out just about every option for out work, we exhaustedly began discussion other subjects, like our previous work. I showed Aram my single previous interactive work (an installation involving a tracked goldfish whose real-world movements were used to animate a ‘virtual’, illustrated fish projected next to him). Personally though, it was seeing Aram’s previous work (mainly his ‘conceptual sculptures’)(for lack of a better term right now) that really produced the next idea – Aram had a way of juxtaposing two seemingly simple ideas to create something new, and often startling. We’d returned to the subway imagery, after trying to find creative correlations between every part of the acupuncture process and every part of the subway experience, and it dawned on us: why not simply replace the subway lines with the acpuncture ‘meridian’ lines? What if they were made equivalent? What points on the city would be revealed by the unexpected intersections of body and geography?

This unexpected thought really seemed to connect (in a clear, direct way) a lot of the ideas that had been floating around in the last week. This twinning of body and city, the recognizable and the unfamiliar, felt really right, and, to excuse and inexcusable pun, on point.


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