Creative Process Recap

November 24, 2007

A partial repost from my own blog:

“Though bursting with multiple ideas, we agreed on a couple of things: we didn’t want to create a strictly educational, entirely reverential expression of acupuncture – we both were more interested in using the model of acupuncture to express something more personal and maybe more emotionally charged than just an interactive ‘how it works’ piece – we felt strongly that the project shouldn’t be didactic in any way. Additionally, while not wanting to do away with all educational qualities of the work, we quickly realized that a full scale model wouldn’t serve any of our purposes – the actual acupuncture process is so complex and nuanced that the amount of knowledge we’d be able to express on a full body model would be necessarily limited. Better, we felt, to ‘accurately’ communicate one central part of acupuncture than attempt the capture everything about it (and, in doing so, risk misrepresentation).”

“Aram brought his acupuncture doll to the floor on Thursday, which opened up some new ideas – one of the things that Aram had expressed earlier was the visual connection between the multiple ‘nodes’ on the doll (connected by colour-coded lines) and the NYC subway map. This seemed an apt metaphor for the acupuncture process – the subway lines as veins or energy ‘meridians’, the flow of people through the city like a bloodstream. Acupuncture, as Aram explained, is about balance – in a simplified way, it’s about locating ‘congested’ areas on the body, places where there is an uneven distribution of resources. In this way, it’s a lot like a microcosm of a public transport system.

We’ve got our reservations about the correlation between the two systems coming off as a little too ‘cute’, but for now, it still seems like a potentially rich relationship to explore.”


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